Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Alien Day is here!

By Bishop
Staff Aliens & Androids Writer

Alien Day began with a bang. More like a splat.

On this 26th day in the 4th month of the year, folks from all walks of alien life are getting into the act of commemorating the alien life form from the exomoon LV-426, where the USCSS Nostromo encountered alien eggs a long time ago in a galaxy far -- never mind, wrong franchise. Hundreds of crawlers have initiated daylong games of hide-and-go-mutilate, while others have waged war on human colonies founded on other exomoons. The day began with the first alien to emerge from some lucky human’s chest at 12:01 a.m. on planet Earth.

“It was a beautiful, slimy, evil little rascal that burst out of that chest and onto the scene this morning,” said Dr. Comtu Papa, who helped deliver the baby creature. “This is the first time I’ve had the honor of welcoming the first baby alien on Alien Day, and what an honor it was. Blood and human innards flew in all directions, covering much of the equipment and all of us in the room. It was great. On behalf of my entire staff, we look forward to all the terror this little guy will bring to many worlds for many years to come.”

Facehuggers are celebrating the day as well, taking their joy to the streets. All over the many worlds in several galaxies everywhere, these eight-legged, long-tailed parasitoids have been in search of faces to hug and hosts to implant their proboscises for implantation. No facehugger could comment due to their inability to speak.

Live bands and other entertainment have provided a backdrop for all the activity today. Plus, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, which operates several human colonies through the Extrasolar Colonization Administration and was instrumental in exploiting humans and androids to get their hands on the Xenomorph alien species, is offering a dizzying array of food trucks and children’s activities all around the universe.

“We’ll have story time with various Xenomorph queens, depending on which world you’re visiting to celebrate Alien Day,” said event organizer Ann Droid. “And some planets will have rides. My favorite is the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship Drop. When you fall from the belly of one of those US Colonial Marine space crafts while in orbit, you get such a rush.”

Other “things” to keep watch for during Alien Day can be found at Collider.com right HERE. Check it out.

We at Jack-o’-Lantern Press hope you make it a great day today. Please, don’t be safe. And keep us updated on the happenings of the day via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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