Sunday, October 1, 2023

The spooky season begins now!

By Jack O. Lantern ‘Head’ Writer/Editor

It’s October 1st, the beginning of the spooky season, and there’s so much to check out from The Weird Network this month.

Jack-o’-Lantern Press offers its award-worthy-but-never-winning news, reviews, tales and toons, new merch to purchase, and that guide to and through the monster universe that is the ultimate tomb to take with you on your journey to that final resting place on October 31st. That’s right, “Transylveinya Traveler” is, of course, the must-have manual for all ghosts and goblins, monsters and maniacs.

The Weird Network’s Scary Story Society has a collection of spooky tales to survive. Told by the night’s leading masters of the spoken word ... That would be a good idea, but the Society got some other ghouls to usher you into the spooky season.

Nightmare365 is sharing the unexplained, mysterious and spookiness that lives among us, as per their norm. Alien bodies in Mexico, the mysterious case of the deepest hole on Earth and Project Blue Beam. October is a time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Join Matt and Greg as they break on through to the other side.

And then there’s the Halloweeniacs. It’s a podcast with the guys from Jack-o’-Lantern Press and Nighmare365, coming together every 31st of the months that have a 31st to discuss all things Halloween. For October, they released their first video podcast with special guest Adam from The Great Pumpkin Project to discuss the rules of Halloween and a growing rule — place a jack-o’-lantern in a deserving place each day of the month until Halloween. That sounds like a great way to start October. And so, here are the guys to talk about it on their first video episode of “Halloweeniacs”...

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