Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Gill creature hitches ride on human cruise ship

As the headline up there states, a gill creature was spotted late last night aboard a luxury cruise liner. No bloodshed has been reported … yet, but the transatlantic journey between Europe and the Americas has just begun. The parents of the young creature, Gil and Fin Creature, were so proud to send their son off on his very first solo reign of terror yesterday evening. They saw him out to the end of the portal between the monster universe and the human world, and then they wept as he swam out to the giant ship and Spider-Man-crawled up the side and onto an empty deck. Mom and Dad were quick to point out where the young lad’s shark-proof crib cage used to float when he was a little sardine. And they stared a good hour at the lagoon where he once played with his toy soldiers and giant monsters. You feed ‘em, you raise ‘em, you put up with the teen years and their sneaking onto land in the middle of the day to create trouble for some picnicking couples, but nothing is harder than seeing the little fish go out into the world on their own for the first time to wreak havoc. Party over at Gil and Fin’s!!!

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