Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Aliens abducted, probed, (studied?), released humans

By Iwanna Beleeve
Staff Conspiracies Writer

When the guys from the Nightmare365 Podcast sign off each episode with their usual catch phrase “Stay spooky,” they might just be suggesting that you continue to ask the questions that have haunting answers. For example, did aliens really abduct Betty and Barney Hill back on that September night of 1961 while traveling an empty New Hampshire country road? We of the monster community tend to wonder if our alien friends really came across two strange human beings. Well, it’s not so uncommon for us to come across human beings, but why do humans have such a hard time believing in us? We’re everywhere!

Click and listen HERE to Matt and Greg dissect Betty and Barney’s story, and then decide if you believe the story that so many want to dispel.

And remember: STAY SPOOKY!

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