Sunday, August 1, 2021

Pandemonium ensues during start of Halloween season

WITCHES MEADOW—The Halloween season began last night at midnight with the opening of the Great Portals during the annual Witching Hour Fest-evil. Creatures, ghosts and other what-have-yous from all 13 districts of Transylveinya had been packing into Spell Willows for nights to be the first to cross through the portals from the monster universe to the human world. These wicked haunters didn’t care to enjoy performances by the Phantom of the Opera, who performed his new organ album live at the event for the first time ever, nor did they care to give the Gorgan Sisters the time of night when they sang their popular “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t Ma’ Boogie Man.” Reports state that there was no order leading up to the annual ritual of opening the Great Portals, no listening to others, no manners. In other words it was utter chaos and a fantastic way to start the Halloween season. Here we go! It’s Halloween time!

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