Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Witch whacks out customer

By Gus Tomerisnotright

Staff Comm-hearse Writer


A customer at a witch’s market in Witches Meadows’ Wicked Forest asked for the large Potion No. 13 this evening, and the head enchantress of the place had to destroy him. She told the guy that she’d sold out of the item. “We have the small one if you’re interested,” she suggested. He proceeded to show the dimensions of the large potion bottle with his hands, and repeated that he was looking for the large No. 13. The witch said, “Yeah, we sold out of the large size.” He then told her he looped the market several times, and he just could not find the large No. 13. “That’s because we sold out,” the witch said a third time. He showed the size of the potion with his hands again. She had to kill him.

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